Welcome and Opening of Conference : Tuesday 30 June

Opening Conference Messages



Dr Don Mattera – NACCW Patron
Special Message Recorded by Archbishop Desmond Tutu




Keynote Presentation : Professor James Anglin



The Impact of Child & Youth Care Work:

How we Make a Difference in the Lives of Children, Youth, Families & Communities    





 Conference Plenary Session

Message from FICE International

Mr Rolf Widmer - Acknowledgements: Merle Allsopp

Address by the Representative of the National Department of Social Development    

Prof Rose September - Chief Director: National Department of Social Development
Address by Representative form the UN High Commission for Refugees

Ms Monika Sandvik-Nylund - Senior Adviser: Children at the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)



Conference Plenery Session : Wednesday 01 July




Address by Representative of UNICEF    Dr Yulia Privalova Krieger – Deputy Representative UNICEF South Africa Country Office

The Characteristics of Child and Youth Care Work



Dr Thom Garfat, PhD – Consultant, Canada







Address by Representative of the South African Council for Social Service Professions


Ms Aziwe Magida – Chairperson: Professional Board for Child and Youth Care Work











Address by Representative of DUT

Professor Puckree –  Executive Dean of Health Sciences Durban University of Technology










Introduction of Honourable Minister    
Ms Connie Nxumalo – Deputy Director General: General Welfare Services




Address by the Honourable Minister of Social Development

Minister Bathabile Dlamini – Minister of Social Development 








Conference Plenery Session : Thursday 02 July


Youth Presentation by Youth Conference Delegates    








Child and Youth Care Work Webcast









Zeni Thumbadoo – NACCW Deputy Director

Definitional Framework  for Child and Youth Care Work:

Professor Jim Anglin, PhD – Professor, School of Child and Youth Care, University of Victoria, Canada

Characteristics of Child and Youth Care Work

Dr Thom Garfat, PhD – Consultant

Para-Social Service Competencies Developed by the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance    

Ms. Zeni Thumbadoo, MA – Deputy Director, NACCW

Supervision of Child and Youth Care Workers    

Mr. Jack Phelan, MA

Development Work of the ZACCW    

Rev. Robert Sihubwa, BTh Hon – Chairperson of the Zambian Association of Child Care Workers (ZACCW)

The Statutory Regulation of South African Child and Youth Care Workers    

Ms. Aziwe Magida, Msc. – Chairperson of Professional Board for Child and Youth Care Work