Be the changeIn August 2016, the project of International youth exchange: “Be the change” gathered 53 young adults (care leavers), aged 18 – 25, from 15 world countries to develop standards for care leavers.

During the 10 days young adults shared their experiences, knowledge and visions, finally making 10 Standards for care leavers. The following text is the original product of their work.




  1. Every care leaver should be involved in their own care leaving plan and have a say in what has to be done.
  2. Every care leaver should have equal rights, opportunities, access to social benefits and be adequately informed about this right.
  3. When applying for college/ university every care leaver should have benefits and access to scholarship sponsored either by governmental or private organizations.
  4. To be able to find and succeed in a job, every care leaver should get help to become aware of and get recognized with their potentials, so that they gather the chance to improve them.
  5. Free health insurance for everyone. Care leavers must benefit from a free health insurance.
  6. To live his/her life, every care leaver needs to feel connected to some people they can rely on.
  7. The workers supporting care leavers should be motivated, qualified, supportive and supervised.
  8. To take care for one’s own, care leavers need to have knowledge about life skills and how to organize their daily routine, like in a peer to peer training.
  9. Care leavers need to know how to ensure their capability to keep a roof over their head.
  10. After leaving care, society should provide the opportunity to turn to a mentor who guides and supports them emotionally, if needed.

To download a detailed version of the standard of Care, please click on the link.

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